Realistic XYcolo Doll-Responsible For Durability

There are four versions of XYcolo dolls, namely Organic Silicone Pro(OSPRO), Organic Silicone(OS), Platinum Silicone Pro(PSPRO) and Platinum Silicone(PS). The following will compare the four versions of dolls in some aspects, so that users can better understand the differences between them.

Comparasion Of Four Versions

  • Platinum silicone (PS) is as soft as TPE material and is a more cost-effective silicone in the sex doll series, but they lack details and the makeup effect is not particularly good.
  • Platinum Silicone PRO (PSP) also has the problem that the makeup effect is not long-lasting.
  • Organic silicone (OS) is very light and has a realistic body shape effect, but the texture is not particularly soft. This can of course be improved by selecting additional softness options.
  • Organic Silicone PRO (OSPRO) is the most luxurious of the four series. This kind of doll has 10 layers of skin, which can restore the detailed characteristics of human skin very realistically and is extremely soft.

  • Comparasion Of Four Versions
    Description Organic Silicone Pro Organic Silicone Platinum Silicone Pro Platinum Silicone
    Body skin Pigmenting

    Full-body super-simulation super-realistic painting
    10 Layers
    (As Real As Human Body)

    Full body simulation painting
    6 Layers
    Partial body painting/3 Layers Partial body painting/3 Layers
    Pigmentig Sustainability No Fade or Crease No Fade or Crease Fade When Rub Hard
    Fine For Normal Use
    Fade When Rub Hard
    Fine For Normal Use
    Skeleton Aluminum Articulated
    Skeleton By Default
    Aluminum Articulated
    Skeleton By Default
    Steel Welded Skeleton
    By Default
    ( Can Be Upgraded to Aluminum)
    Steel Welded Skeleton
    By Default
    ( Can Be Upgraded to Aluminum)
    Weight ( 163LB) 35KG 27KG 35KG 35KG
    Silicone Skin Resilience Slow Slow Quick Quick
    Softness Level 100% 60% 90% 100%
    Oil Yield
    (The higher proportion, the lower oil yield)
    100% 100%
    60% 60%
    Simulated Muscle Layer,
    Flesh Hand Feeling

    The head only has two kinds of platinum silicone and organic silicone.

    Comparasion Of Body Painting

    The organic silicone series has several more layers of body skin pigmentation than the platinum silicone series sex dolls. At the same time, the organic silicone PRO version is the best in this regard. It has 10 layers of full-body super-simulation and hyper-realistic painting, which is almost exactly like a real human body.

    xycolo-comparison of body painting

    Why are XYcolo Sex Dolls so Popular

    XYcolo dolls are relatively well-known silicone sex doll brands in the sex doll market. They always insist on using medical grade non-toxic and harmless high-quality silicone to create multiple versions of silicone sex dolls. XYcolo dolls not only have super long-lasting makeup, both facial makeup and body makeup are extremely realistic, and they can also bring users the most realistic visual effects and soft skin touch. XYcolo continues to pursue and innovate high-quality realistic sex dolls. Its independently developed new skeleton greatly reduces the weight of the sex doll. At the same time, the doll's limbs have a wider range of motion, which allows the XYcolo sex doll to complete more positions.

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