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XY Doll is the pioneer and leader of silicone head + TPE blood vessel simulation body, and its products sell well in Japan, the United States, and Europe. An XY sex doll is to satisfy the sexual and companionship needs of single & solitary people, with which you can explore the joy of sex doll.

Characteristics Of XY Dolls

1. XY dolls are made of super polymer and makeup grade white oil, meaning there isn’t any unusual smell and the dolls are tear and weather resistant and have good oil control.

2. For the Skeleton of XYdoll, it uses steel that meets national standards. XY adds pure spring steel gaskets to the joints, which keeps it from expanding or contracting too much with changes in temperature. This effectively solves the problems of unusual noises and loose or tight joints.

3. For the body shape of the XY doll, XY uses human inverted (reverse) model technology, making a 1-1 copy of human model’s body, with skin texture. XY focuses on more realistic details in the pursuit of perfection.

4. For makeup, XY uses wax technology for 4-6 layers of makeup, which makes XY dolls more delicate and real. The eyes are made of human blood silk with a protruding effect.

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Real Person Casting Process

First, the model is scanned in all directions and without blind spots through 3D scanning technology, and then the 3D character model of the model is displayed on the computer.

The second step is to use silicone to collect molds of the model's hands and feet. For perfect reproduction, details are key. This process is not simple. The materials must be modulated repeatedly to control the time as short as possible and avoid the model from being too tired.

The third stage is plastering, which is the most difficult part.

The last stage of hand modeling is also the most tormented moment. For the sake of details, even if they are sweating profusely, the model still has to carry heavy plaster and wait for the model to be formed.

The final demoulding stage also requires great care. After more than an hour of solidification, the silicone has firmly adhered to the skin. It needs to be filled with high-pressure air to separate it. Only in this way can we get the hand mold we want.

About XY Doll

XY-Doll is a top sex doll brand of realistic TPE & silicone sex dolls, and the factory was established in July 2018. There are 50 employees , including R&D, design&sculpture, photography, production and QC department, with an average daily capacity of 40 sets. The overseas brand operation center of XY-Doll is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. There are 30 employees, including overseas promotion, overseas operation and overseas customer service department. XY insist on speaking with products and strictly control innovation and quality. As a real-life entity doll brand, XY is committed to providing more real and better sexual and companion experience for single and solitary groups.

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