Best TPE WM Dolls Gold Standard in Love Sex Dolls Market

As a well-known brand of companion dolls around the world, WM Dolls is excellent in the field of silicone and TPE sex doll manufacturing. Look for the 100% authorized wm sex dolls at, and WMDOLL will continue to provide high-quality products and services. Whether you choose body shape, breast shape, or other functions such as heating, pronunciation, breathing, etc., WM Doll definitely have a wm sex doll that meets your needs.


WM Love Dolls Tech

WM Dolls UK is free for double joints, standing and shrugging. There are ordinary skeletons and EVO skeletons. In order to better meet customer needs, WM TECH has made some improvements to the hand bone joints, pronunciation and breathing functions of wm dolls.

WM Real Doll with Breathing Feature
wm dolls uk  breathing feature

The breathing function is mainly manifested in the ups and downs of the chest and the outflow of the mouth. To achieve the breathing function, the breathing body must be equipped with a breathing head with a trachea. The working principle is to implant an electric airbag in the chest cavity of wmdoll, and simulate human breathing through the electric device. The battery capacity of the device is 2000 mAh. The charging port and switch are located under the armpit on the side of the wm doll. It can be used for 3-4 hours after being fully charged. It's worth noting that wm dolls that breathe don't offer options like heat, shrugs, double joints, and jelly boobs.

WM Sexy Doll with Ball Jointed Hand Skeleton
wm sex dolls articulated hand

Hand skeleton 3.0 VS Hand skeleton 2.0
2.0 with articulated design and its joints become loose over time.
3.0 with ball jointed design can freely rotate in 360 degree.Its springs extend life.Objects tightly when holding.The effect is more real and nature.

WM Adult Doll with Real Oral Sex(ROS)
wm dolls real oral sex

Providing users with the most realistic oral passages, the flexible jaw can open and close the lips with ease. The soft tongue brings users a full sense of experience.

- Ultra-realistic oral cavity

- Flexible tongue and jaw

- Real oral sex channel

Other Options
  • WM real dolls have the functions of shaking pronunciation and intelligent dialogue, and can switch between Chinese and English by quickly pressing the switch twice.
  • Regarding intelligent heating, the whole body skeleton is heated, except for the palms, soles and head, other parts can be heated. When the internal temperature reaches 40-45 degrees, it will automatically cut off the power.
  • Body makeup includes blood vessels, blue veins, and pockmarks. In view of the preferences of different customers, there are no pockmarks by default, and you can make notes if necessary.
  • How to Verify WMDOLL Authenticity

    When you cannot judge the authenticity of WMDolls after receiving the goods, you can verify its authenticity through the following operations.

    1、Open the manual and find the anti-counterfeiting code (you can see the anti-counterfeiting code by scratching off the coating), each wmdolls has a corresponding and unique anti-counterfeiting code

    2、Enter the anti-counterfeiting code into the link to check the authenticity( )

    Buy WM Dolls UK-How to distinguish product imitation through physical objects

    Generally, it can be distinguished by observing the wm doll's facial makeup, areola color, skin texture, flexibility of hands and feet joints, packaging and standard accessories.

    Production Capacity-WM Doll Factory

    The wm dolls uk manufacturing factory focuses on improving product quality, and creates 100% real dolls for users with the best production technology and production capacity. WM Dolls will actively collect user feedback, continue to innovate, and manufacture more high-quality wm sex dolls that satisfy users with higher efficiency and attentive attitude.

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