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Indulging in sex is the most wonderful hedonic act of human beings. Tantaly UK's BBW series build big beautiful women for customers and Tantaly dolls can bring you to a realm of unparalleled sexual exploration.


Tantaly doll with Tantabosom gel technology

After testing various types of doll breasts on the market, Tantalis has concluded the following questions:

  • Gel Breasts Cost High
  • Real security needs to be improved
  • Cup limitations
  • In response to the above problems, a lot of effort has been put into the research and development of the gel formula, and improvements have been made in the deep fusion of the gel in the mammary gland and the outer skin of the breast, and the control of production temperature. It not only achieves the bouncing effect of breast enhancement that meets their expectations, but also reduces the cost of gel breast enhancement to a large extent. This new formula they call Tantabosom.


    The gel breast enhancement developed by Tantabosom has a more realistic shaking effect, and its feel is more than 30% softer than ordinary gel breast enhancement on the market. It can not only maintain the shape of the breast for a long time without deformation, but also increase the applicable breast types.If you are looking for a more real sexual experience and have a certain pursuit of breast softness, Tantalis strongly recommends Tantabosom dolls.

    tantaly de general gel breasts tantaly love doll-tantabosom

    Tantalis Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit

    To clear tantaly toys from the bacteria’s, lubes, sperm and dust, etc., there are specifically designed kits that can do the task properly leaving no doubts. As the best assistant to clean and clear sex dolls, it largely solves the problem of doll cleaning. The care kit has the following tools:

    1. Portable Sex Doll Washer

      Crafted with high-quality elastic memory silicon that enables it to squeeze repeatedly without deformation.

    2. Drying Sticks

      Pure diatomaceous earth is used to manufacture the stick that gives it a porous structure that is ideal for absorption.

    3. Lube Applicator

      Measures and delivers the perfect amount of lube and helps to pour the lube where it should be.

    4. A Storage Bag
    tantaly doll-care kit

    Important factors in the production process

  • Main material of Tantaly sex doll: TPE material and white mineral oil
  • All Tantaly UK dolls are made of medical grade SEBS, which is one of the TPE materials (SBS, SIS, SEBS, SEPS), known for its softness and flexibility. Tantaly love doll also uses white oil, which helps maintain the Tantaly sex doll's smooth texture and gives the doll a more realistic skin texture. This is a cosmetic grade oil that is safe to use on skin and helps maintain their suppleness over time.

  • The designer considers it comprehensively, and the mold maker carefully crafts it
  • The process of designing a Tantaly doll begins with creating a 3D model of the doll, including all precise parameters such as skin color, hip size, breast size and other physical features, how to set a shape that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional is the most important. The molds are made by experienced sculptors who have more than seven years of experience in sculpting love doll with perfect details and controlling the right size of dolls. 

  • Go through two quality checks to ensure it meets Tantaly UK doll's high standards
  • Tantaly 2nd Generation Privacy Package

    The old version of Tantaly doll packaging has a total of four layers, from the outside to the inside: normal packaging, a Tantaly product box, a Styrofoam box, and a frosted plastic bag.However, after market research, Tantaly UK found that product handling and privacy storage are also points of trouble for customers. So Tantaly UK design a new package with functions of handling, privacy and storage.At last,  a black handbag made of PVC was born.

    tantaly dolls-pull out bag
    • Realize safe and private storage

      The new version of Tantaly packaging has a total of five layers now, from the outside to the inside: normal packaging, a Tantaly product box, a black handbag, a Styrofoam box, and a frosted plastic bag.

    • Reliable protection for extended life and clean storage

      Open the zipper of the black handbag, and you can see the Styrofoam box, which is the protective layer of the doll that we have been using all along. The Styrofoam foam box has strong air tightness; this special material has the functions of dustproof, airproof, and oxidation delay.

    tantaly uk-styrofoam box

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