Diversity of Sex Doll Head

We all know that many things need to maintain a sense of novelty, and sex dolls are no exception. Often when we buy a sex doll, we get a little tired of it after using it for a long time. Buying a new sex doll is a big expense, considering the economic capacity, the best way to solve this problem is to change the sex doll head. This method is cheaper and can achieve the results we want. You can achieve the same thing seven days a week, as if there is a new doll accompanying you every day.

Why we need to have different sex doll heads

Using only one doll for an extended period would ultimately become monotonous, and the cost of replacing a brand-new doll is too expensive. So why not try to change the sex doll head? Different sex doll heads have different face shapes, hairstyles, makeup, etc. By changing the head of a sex doll, we are able to keep the body parts we like while getting freshness on the sex doll face. What we need to get from sex dolls is not only sexual pleasure, but the blessing of freshness can allow us to have a different sexual experience.

How to choose a sex doll head

First you can choose by material. There are usually two types of head materials for sex dolls: TPE and silicone. The general silicone head feels hard, and the price of the soft silicone head is slightly more expensive, but its makeup effect is better. Silicone itself is odorless and non-toxic, and it cannot be recycled again, which ensures health and safety. The head made of TPE material is softer and closer to the touch of a real person. TPE has strong tear resistance, but it will have some unpleasant odors. If you choose a sex doll head made of TPE, it needs to be placed in a ventilated place for a period of time to disperse the smell.
Secondly, you can choose the hairstyle, eyes, and skin color of the doll's head according to your personal preferences. Hair styles can be achieved in two ways: wigs and hair transplants. Some people pursue realism and like to choose hair transplantation, but this method makes it difficult to change the hairstyle of the doll. Although the wig can be switched at will, it is easy to fall off when moving or storing. Eyes often come in two types: fixed and movable. We believe that eye contact plays an important role during sex, and movable eyes add to the realism of the doll. Of course, these come down to personal preference and there is no absolute good or bad.
The choice of mouth is also very important. Some dolls have simulated mouths with soft tongues, teeth and tonsils. The movable jaw allows the doll's mouth to open and close, allowing the user to perform oral sex.

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