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The existing sex dolls on the market are generally expensive. If you are looking for a sex doll with high cost performance, QQ Doll will be a good choice for you.

Customized Options And Default Configuration

QQ Doll provides sex dolls with new EVO skeletons, body makeup, jelly breasts, stud standing, removable vaginas, movable eyes and weight loss options for free. In this regard, QQ Doll is more popular among doll friends than other sex doll manufacturers.

The material of QQ dolls body includes silicone and TPE. Both of them has EVO skeleton, lifelike body painting and jelly breasts by default. Difference between two of them is the TPE dolls can just stand with bolts while silicone dolls can choose both standable feet and boltsless standable feet. The latter is a paid option. In addition, TPE cannot designed with weight reduction.

Implanted Human Hair

Some users may feel that dolls wearing wigs are not realistic enough. It doesn’t matter. QQ Doll has launched a hair transplant service for sex dolls. Users can choose to perform ordinary hair transplantation or human hair transplantation for the doll they purchased. Of course, human hair transplantation is much more expensive than ordinary hair transplantation, but it can also give users a more realistic sex doll and a more realistic sexual experience.

Wireless Electric auto Masterbating

Unprecedented level of pleasure

Skeleton Fingers

More in line with human body structure

qq doll-bionic skeleton fingers

Heating Function

Feel the real temperature from the doll

qq doll-heating function

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