Sex Doll Brand Introduction of Bezlya

Sex Doll Brand Introduction of Bezlya

Bezlya, a renowned pioneer in the realm of sex doll manufacturing, continually leads the way in innovation. Setting itself apart from conventional TPE and silicone materials, Bezlya employs a unique material that boasts exceptional tear resistance and resilience against external damage. These dolls are built to last, offering durability that surpasses expectations. With a diverse range of doll series, each catering to distinct preferences, Bezlya provides varying default configurations for different series of sex dolls. If you're seeking an authentic experience with a lifelike sex doll, Bezlya stands as the ultimate choice for you.

About Bezlya

Bezlya is a 1:1 bionic doll company that integrates joint production, integrated sales, joint research and development, brand promotion, and new market expansion. Founded in 2019, it is one of the earliest sex doll companies in the industry to enter the two-dimensional market. bezlya dolls perfectly reproduce the characteristics of characters in Japanese animation, with realistic appearance and real touch, and are deeply loved by many doll lovers. If you're into Japanese anime, we highly recommend browsing our collection of anime sex dolls and cosplay sex dolls.

Diverse Range of Bezlya Doll Series

Bezlya focuses on the production of high-end and exquisite bionic dolls. These Bezlya dolls are divided into different doll series. Up to now, bezlya mainly divides the dolls into bionic dolls 2.0 series (Silicone + TPE), bionic dolls 2.1 series (Pure Silicone), bionic dolls Doll 2.2 series and its upgraded versions Bionic 2.2Ultra series and 2.2Coagulate Fat series.

  • The Bionic 2.0 and Bionic 2.1 series products are made of imported medical-grade, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating TPE material and degradable grade DuPont medical silicone material. They have built-in metal skeletons and can move all joints throughout the body;
  • The Bionic 2.2 series implements reality to the end, upgrading the soft silicone material to maximize tactile reality, and the high-pressure rebound bionic texture function gives a multi-sensory real experience;
  • The Bionic 2.2 Ultra series represents an enhanced version of the Bionic 2.2 series. It introduces a remarkable bionic three-dimensional imaging texture feature, where convex particles on the skin's epidermis simulate the natural generation of realistic skin surface textures. This innovation offers an exceptional dual sensory experience, combining the sense of touch and vision. The overall skin texture Ultra makeup is flawlessly presented, showcasing its distinctiveness. The introduction of the spray makeup process brings forth a fresh and captivating visual experience.
  • The Bionic 2.2 Coagulate Fat series is an advanced iteration of the Bionic 2.2 series. This upgraded version maximizes the potential of its bionic gel feature, utilizing a "soft" silicone material with a remarkable softness rating below 0 degrees Shore. The five bionic simulation parts benefit from this enhanced softness, which is achieved through precise craftsmanship and the implementation of a multi-program pouring technique. As a result, the softness of these parts is showcased to its utmost extent, demonstrating exceptional attention to detail.

Lifelike Bezlya Sex Dolls For Sale

  • Bezlya Doll 2.2CF Succubus

Introducing the Bezlya Doll Succubus 2.2CF 155cm|5.08ft F-cup Asian silicone ELF sex doll, the best dream lover for men. Expertly crafted with ultra realistic features and a Japanese high quality build, this doll stands at 155cm|5.08ft and boasts a luxurious purple long wavy hair. Experience ultimate pleasure and indulge in your wildest fantasies with this F-cup beauty.


  • Bezlya Doll 2.2U Hibiscus

Upgrade your intimate playtime experience with the Bezlya Doll Hibiscus 2.2U 153cm|5.02ft D-cup. Made of premium pure silicone, this realistic sex doll offers a durable and long-lasting option for your pleasure. With its sexy body features and Asian design, this Japanese sex doll is perfect for exploring your fantasies.